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Nestled between the ridges in the peaceful farming community of Teloga, Georgia, we started our Kiko goat farm in 2002.  We became interested in the meat goat end of the business to begin with.  Like everyone else, we learned hard lessons about parasites, fencing and coyotes!  Soon, the cream began to rise to the top and we set out to own and raise some of the best of the best.  We sold our big herd of meat goats and began to slowly add to our registered herd of Kikos.  We currently own 34 goats, thirty of which are 100% New Zealand Kiko’s with only 4 being percentages.  We are eager for others to “ get acquainted” with the Kiko breed.  They are exceptionally healthy and hardy goats.  The Kiko mother is like no other!  Just ask their kids.  We hope folks will get educated on the benefits of introducing the Kiko breed into their herd.  We have met and made many good friends and picked their brains along the way.  Please call or email us for more information




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Originating from New Zealand by crossing feral goats with dairy goats in the 1980s, Kiko goats are


· Hardy

· Resistant to parasites

· Excellent Maternal Instincts

· Produce adequate milk

· Substantial Weight Gain

· Low Maintenance

· Ability to survive in varied climates


The Kiko Name is actually the Maori word for flesh or meat



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